Heval Akram

by Heval Akram

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Heval plays the Bouziki, which is a member of the Lute family. It is a popular instrument throughout the Middle East and Balkan region

The 4 tracks recorded here are old Kurdish Folk songs, recorded in one afternoon. They are not recorded in a studio. Heval is also in Refugee Radio Orchestra


released January 1, 2011

Song 1

This is a dialogue between a Mother and her Son; She wants him to come home and visit her and his Father before they die. the lyrics explain that they have "tasted the bitterness and sweetness of life, and they want to see him one more time." Unfortunately, the Son lives away, and although it is torturous and difficult for him to live away, he cannot go to see them, he is unable to return.

Song 2
The Milk Maid/Berivane

This song describes a beautiful girl, who is from a Nomadic family, she is very beautiful, although her clothes are tattered. However she brings excitement to his life; over all this is a happy song, but is tinged with sadness as they have different Tribal traditions and they can never be in love.
Its a traditional song, but played in a modern way.

Song 3
What can I do/Gallo Chibikim?

This song is a love song about a beautiful girl, the singer wants to know "Who is this beautiful, tall woman who comes from far away?" However he is also sad because he cannot be in love with her, because of his duty to the Kurdish people and their struggle for freedom.

Song 4
I am the Dove/Ez Kevokim

This is a very old instrumental and is very popular in Kurdish music. It is a popular song throughout much of the region - there are versions in Arabic, Persian and Turkish music.



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Heval Akram Brighton, UK

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